Transportation …

Ever thought about to drive fast, free from traffic congestion in Jakarta and at an affordable price?
and the answer is Ojek !

Ojek drivers waiting for passengers

It’s like a taxi but instead of using car, they use motorcycle.

Very practical Ojek to pass through the streets in Jakarta especially when the jam, rather than  taxi will be more time wasted.

Ojek more popularly used in Jakarta for some time because of traffic that is getting worse.

Do not worry about safety because the Ojek driver always carry extra helmet 😉

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Why Should Cook When You Can Buy?

a wide variety of foods

Save your cooking skills when you live or visiting Jakarta !

There are many types of foods you should try, ranging from street food to restaurants.

The most common places to eat and affordable is Warteg.

Warteg spread evenly along the street in Jakarta so you do not run out of food and hunger.

You can buy your breakfast, lunch and dinner because most of them are open for 24 hours.. what a convenient .. 🙂

..and did I mention the price ?

it is less than a dollar per meal 😉

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Why Jakarta ?

For the tourists who want to go to warm places, Jakarta is a great place, why?

Because of their geography.

Jakarta lying near the equator, hot and humid year-round.

The long rainy season falls between late October and early May through rain occurs through out the year, averaging 1791 mm.

Rain tends to come in short heavy bursts, hut even during the rainy season it doesn’t rain every day. It rains on only a handful of days during the dry season from July to September.

Afternoon humidity averages around 70%, but is higher during the morning. Temperatures averaging nearly 34°C maximum and 25° C minimum.

Jakarta gets a steady supply of 12 hours daylight throughout the year, in the dry season the skies are clearer.

Mornings are sunnier than the afternoon.

Choose where to go and when to go ! 🙂

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